objectives outcome technology
  • Construction of Li-S cell in 18650 configuration with energy density of 500 Wh/kg and power density of 1000 W/kg
  • High cycle efficiency in the entire cycle life in a wide temperature range
  • Durability reflected by a life time requested by automotive industry
  • Low cost with sustainable and environmental-friendly approach.

Advanced European lithium sulphur cells for automotive application

EUROLIS (project No. 314515) is a collaborative small or medium scale focused research project funded by European Union and coordinated by the National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The project has started on 1st of October 2012 and it will run for 4 years. The aim of the project is development of an advanced and sustainable lithium sulphur (Li-S) battery for automotive use. Intense collaboration between 7 research organizations (universities and research institutes) and 4 industrial partners (3 large enterprises and 1 SME) will enable a fast progress from understanding to optimisation of Li-S cells. The potential commercial use of Li-S cell will be tested within three generations of Li-S batteries.

The project includes basic research on various levels which will help understand the mechanisms governing the Li-S cell in different electrochemical environments. The applied part of research will focus on optimisation and integration of materials into 18650 cells and cell testing for their appropriateness in the automotive applications.