Name:                   Robert Dominko

Phone:                  +386 1 4760362

Email:                   robert.dominko(at)


2006-present:      Research associate at National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2002-2006:          Post-doc at National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia

1998-2002:          Ph.D. in Chemical technology, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

1991-1997:          Undergraduate study, University of Ljubljana


1998-present:      National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia

1997-1998:          TKI Hrastnik – product engineer


Nov. 2009-July 2010     Visiting assistant professor at Université de Picardie, Jules Verne, Amiens, France

January 2001                 University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark.

July-Sept. 2000              RISØ National Institute, Roskilde, Denmark. 

Oct. 1996-Jan. 1997     Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, Czech Republic


Mar. 2004   Jozef Stefan Golden Emblem Prize Award for outstanding contributions made to science in Doctoral theses.

June 2012   Pregl award for outstanding contribution to chemistry and related science in last 5 years in Slovenia.


Solid-state electrochemistry of battery composites, research and development of new active materials, development of new characterization techniques and development of new concepts in the energy storage field.


  • project coordinator of the FP7 project within with acronym EUROLIS – Advanced European lithium sulphur cells for automotive applications (FP7-2012-MATERIALS FOR GREEN CARS);
  • leader of the group working on the cathode materials for Li-ion batteries in the virtual European network ALISTORE-ERI (coordination of the work within 10 European laboratories);
  • scientific associate at National Institute of Chemistry and at Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia;
  • invited assistant professor in the course Erasmus Mundus Master programme MESC: Materials for energy storage and conversion;
  • member of the group responsible for patents at National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia.


  • author or co-author of 75 publications in the international scientific journals (h factor 28 with average number of citations per paper higher than 35);
  • 3 granted patents;
  • 10 invited presentations and more than 22 oral presentations at International conferences;
  • project leader of 2 project granted by National Research Agency, project co-leader of two international projects (A Swedish-Slovenian Battery Network –ERA-NET project and project between Central atomic agency (CEA), France and National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia);
  • leader of two subgroups in CO-NOT (Centre of excellence for low carbon technologies in Slovenia);
  • thesis advisor of 9 PhD students (financed by national research grants or through Alistore-ERI);
  • thesis advisor of 6 master students from the Erasmus Mundus master study: Materials for energy storage and conversion;
  • project leader of the several contracts between National Institute of Chemistry and industry;
  • organizations of several different conferences (SLONANO, Electromobility, ....).